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The Pod arrived from MA yesterday.  I have unloaded what I can.  The rest will have to wait a day as two people are needed.  Funny thing is it's almost all one person doable..if it weren't for the size or awkwardness.  That being said I now have guest beds galore!  And I can open a tea shop.  Actually, the teacups and saucers are kind of cool in a kitschy way.  I'm looking forward to the unpacking process and seeing what develops for decor.  Could be fun, could be time for a yard sale.  It's a wait and see game right now.

Disney, how I miss you.  I really need to invest in a season's pass.  Okay, perhaps need is the wrong word.  It is second on my list right now.  The first being my Chevy Avalanche in orange - pick up truck with versatility!  A job would probably be good too, and the classes I need to get in to the nursing program I want.  I know it will all come together at some point but I am impatient and the unemployment is really starting to get in my way and on my nerves.  Where is my fairy godmother and my magic wand?

The small amount we are refunded from the IRS will be spent on the front lawn.  I need to get some estimates out soon so I can send them to the HOA and their lawyers.  Grumble.  The weeds are green, I don't see what the big deal is.  Meh.  Good news is my seeds are sprouting and growing and in a few weeks I will be able to plant them in the ground without killing them (I hope).  If I mowed the front it might help a bit too.  I will put that on Sunday's agenda.
* * *
I took rosa_nera to The Magic Kingdom yesterday and we survived.  Silly girl, coming during the week of February vacation.  The park was busy but not jammed.  The lines were reasonable, most 30 minutes or less at any point.  Because the park was busier than expected they stayed open an hour later and added an additional parade after the fireworks.  I had a wonderful time and am looking forward to another visit when it is less busy - Animal Kingdom is next on the list as it has been years since I have spent any time there.  I tried to get her as much of a the Disney experience as I could; tram ride, train ride, monorail ride, waiting in line for Magic Mountain, Pirates, parades, fireworks, character meetings but the lines were too long, Haunted Mansion and of course Its a Small World, dining and shopping and then sleeping in the car on the ride home (not me as I was driving).  She hasn't seen all of the movies so some of what we did may have not been as much fun as if she had seen say Toy Story or Monsters Inc...she's been given homework

Today I am sore but in a good way except where the fibro pain lurks.  I slept in way late and am doing a whole lot of nothing today - drinking lots of water and keeping pooches entertained while watching movies.  I need to watch The Real Housewives of NYC as I missed that and Biggest Loser last night.  Heaven forbid I miss an episode! 

* * *
I spoke with rosa_nera last night.  She is doing well and enjoyed dinner at Paula Deen's restaurant in Savannah.  She made it to FL this morning, should be in Deerfield this evening.    I will be introducing her to The Mouse on Tuesday *squee*. 

The plague that followed me from MA is just about over.  I managed to fill every last glass or cup in the house and have just finished washing them.   No one can say I wasn't getting my fluids in. 
I am going to attempt to be social tonight and again tomorrow.  We'll see how that bodes.  Tonight low key, meeting with Missy for a chic flick while her boys see something else.  Tomorrow a visit with another friend from MA.  I think that means I should get away from the computer and find the vacuum.

* * *
I have so much good in my life.  I have the most amazing friends and family.  I know this.  I am lucky in so many ways.  I am a good person, I try to walk softly on the earth, and am mindful of what my actions and words will reap as consequences.  So why the fuck do I keep getting shit on by the universe?  I need to put on my big girl pants and get my act together.  Where I am and where I should be or could be are so far from one another.  I know what it is I want, where I need to go, what I need to do.  I hate the roadblocks and the waiting and the general bs I get to wade in while getting there.  

Anyway.  Mass was good and bad.  It was hell and it was wonderful.  The moving, lifting, cleaning, throwing away was productive and sometimes kind of fun.  It felt good to use muscles, to work as a team.  It was good to have Mom's cooking.  I am happy that I could say goodbye to the house.  I got to spend an evening with some of the best people ever.  I got to eat super yummie chinese food that left me bloated the next day.  My joints are screaming at me.  My sinuses are completely blocked up.  My head is all foggy.  My ears are blicked.  I hate snow.  I love warmth and sunshine.  I wanted more stairs in my life and I made up for lost time there.  Boys suck, are stupid and you should throw rocks at them.  I like Jet Blue.  I can not WAIT to see The Mouse next week and introduce Dawn to him.  I have great healthy teeth and gums.  I need another nap.
* * *
Tomorrow I leave for Massachusetts.  We are packing up what used to be home base for me, for lots of people actually.  Some haven't even been there in years but just knowing it is there and the door is open is enough.  Its bittersweet.  It is a HUGE relief to finally have the house no longer a responsibility.  But now there is very little reason for me to visit Mass again.  Yes I have a bunch of friends that I love and call family and would never give up in a million years, but I like where I am now, and other than a really sporadic long weekend it no longer seems appealing to fly my ass out there.  I like my vacations, no matter how small to be warm or more exotic and foreign to me. 

I hope to see as many as is possible but at the same time I would rather hide in a closet as I am not my best.  Probably close to worse as I have been.  I feel like shit and it shows.  I am working on getting back to me again and being healthy and active, but quite frankly right now it fucking hurts and I hate taking pain killers.  I don't like not beign at my best for my friends and family, they deserve better but apparently I am not super woman so this will have to do for now knowing that it isn't permanent and I still place all blame on Seattle because that's where it all originated and the after effects are hard to get through.  Meh.  I suck so there.  I am looking forward to the trip, even if it is in February (fucking BBbRRRRR).

What I need is regular yoga and exercise, a job, an income, a new Dr, to get back into school - all of which I am working on but keep finding brick walls.  Maybe I need Barney to make me a video resume..heh.  A day at Disney to let all the ick fade for a few hours would be good too.  
I have a ton to get done, clean the house for the pet sitter, pack, laundry, dishes I should probably get my ass in gear.  After lunch of course.

SO a reminder - Cathay Center 3A Weymouth Sat night at 6 - or just drop by anytime at the house (just be prepared to pack a box or watch me while chatting).  Call me on my cell!!!!
* * *
* * *
I mentioned before that I will be in MA next week.  I would love to have others join me for dinner Saturday, Feb 7th, 6 pm at the Cathay Center on 3A.  www.cathaycenter.com/  Leave a comment here if you can make it, or give me a call on my cell.  I will not have computer access during my visit.  The more the merrier. 
* * *
I'm so happy I could pee!  My mom is officially a homeowner.  Not the bank, not a mortgage company, just her.  How amazing is that!  She's the bomb!  I still want to be like her when I grow up.  Check in when I am 92.

The family homestead in MA is to be sold soon.  My fingers are crossed as it is just this thing hanging over heads now..general annoyance or stress and a poor realtor snoveling snow in heels (old childhood friend so I giggle).  So I am going to be in MA Feb 4-8 (tentative) to clean it and empty it out.  I hope to have one evening to gather with anyone that wishes, in the braintree/weymouth area for an hour or two.  Anyone that wants to "swing by" will be welcomed and shown where the boxes and heavy furniture are so they can load them in to the pod :0)...and then fed of course.  Some things never change. 

MS has announced layoffs.  We knew this was coming and Husband is safe for this round, and hopefully the rest cuz he has mad skilz,  yo!  I am still unemployed and searching madly, sending resumes, checking in with temp agencies, standing on the street corner, etc.  I'm thinking of auctioning off organs on ebay - my eggs are too old to be worth much now.

I started seeds the other day - lavender, oregano, birds of paradise, balloon flowers and some others that I can't remember- and can not wait to see the little green seedlings! 

So, anyone want to puppysit for a few days?  It's sunny and warm(ish) here.
* * *
Holy smokes!  It's cold here, by nearly anyone's standards except for those living in Fargo.  And it is supposed to get colder.  If the price of citrus jumps this week you'll know it was because the trees all died from frostbite and the pickers have hypothermia.  The temps are to get down in to the 20's tonight and we are being advised to take our plants in or cover them (the sight of that just makes me giggle...seeing bushes all tucked in snug under blankets). 

The Plague from Prague has had its way with me.  What I wouldn't give for a few solid and complete sleep cycles rather than waking myself coughing every couple of hours.  Too many naps, not enough sleep.

Ah the temp assignment.  I am locked in an 8' x 12' trailer with 200 2 way radios and starting yesterday, the powers that be deemed it necessary to have 2 people all cozy like doing a one monkey "job".  A person comes to the trailer, you record the number of the radio, the person's name and company and the time the took it out or returned it.  Most often you are just switching batteries.   If there is one person between 9 am and 3 pm it's a busy one.  The over enthusiastic dim college frat boy was going to loose what was left of his receding hair if I had returned after lunch.  I have my sanity, he retains what he has of his meager and uninteresting life and my pooches don't spend the day cooped up in the kitchen.  The only loser in this seems to be my bank account.  Yet not being able to send out resumes and emails during the day or be available for calls and interviews may be costly as well.  Hey, I can justify with the best of them. 
* * *
I see how it is now.  Husband goes off to exotic locales, brings me back lovely trinkets (this time a gorgeous Garnet necklace and hand carved Jack Sparrow marrionette) which he gives to me right before the real gift of sharing.  The cooties he brings back are just to good for him to keep to himself so he shares them with me.  Now I have some Eastern European plague, though this is not nearly as bad as the Brisbane Flu he brought me last year.  I don't even get the benefit of travel, just the local germs.  Meh.

When I get sick I get super cranky and it is best off to leave me to myself.  Trust me.  I drop Husband off at the airport tomorrow to return him to Seattle.  I was supposed to have dinner and movie plans with a friend on Thurs but she has decided she would rather do something else despite our prior engagement.  You have no idea how pissed off I am about this and am grateful I let the phone go to vm.  I won't be calling her back until I come back to my senses either.  I have a phone interview this afternoon where I get to pretend to play nice.  Tomorrow I am supposed to start the super bowl gig but have yet to receive any info such as location, parking, dress code, person to report to or any other vitals.  It's all grey outside.   I went to breakfast with Husband earlier and my eggs were way runny (eww).  Yeah, I'm a freakin'  peach. 

I need a nap, my blankie and some old movies.  Oh and the world can go suck it today.
* * *
Over the holidaze I received 2 plants.  Both are healthy and beautiful but neither have scent.  Last week a neighbor had a bunch of plastic pots in their recycling bin.  I had potting soil in the garage.  I recycled the recycling and dug up the calla lily bulbs that have been doing nothing but producing small green shoots before withering, and put those in the pots.  Then I ordered seeds from Park Seeds to be started in a window sill before being planted in pots or in the garden.  I forget too easily that i like having plants around me.  No worries now.  I have a couple of calla lily plants that, should they make the transplant, will be ready to find new homes.  I have a few bulbs in the garage as well.  And the new seeds, I made sure they would bloom with scent.

It would seem I am ready to do the healthy living thing again.  I woke up and went for a walk without thinking about it.  I hit the grocery store and stuck with produce and a few pantry necessities, loaded up on strawberries because they are in season, local and cheap. 

I got a few job rejections today.  Meh.  Again, very impressed with my resume/skills, but was beat out by someone with better staying power, will keep me in mind/on file...blahblahblah.  Imagine that. My references are continuing to recieve calls/emails so I know my foot always get through the door instead of ending up in the delete file.   All I need to do is get enough scratch to get through a few classes.  Or find a sugar daddy.  My job is out there, it just hasn't found me yet. 
* * *
* * *